Friday, February 5, 2010

Modern Cloth Pad by Mama Patch

We are proud to announce that we are bringing in the modern cloth pad by Mama Patch to our store. This is another good opportunity for mothers to preserve a greener environment and the best is healthier for you as well. Besides, i think for long term usage it will save up more of your money by spending on disposable pads as we know modern cloth pad is REUSABLE!! For those mothers who feel itchy and having uncomfortable feeling wearing a disposable pad during the menstrual cycle, MODERN CLOTH PAD is a right solution for these problems. Not that, if you need to wear a panty liner to keep you dry and fresh especially during working hours or long outing, CLOTH LINER is another best solution for you. You no longer need to spend so much money on buying disposable one every time you are out of it. For me, i just need to have 5 pcs of cloth liners in order for me to have one to wear everyday to work and i actually save up so much compared to buying disposable one last time. Why not you give a try?

Mama Patch Reversible Cloth Liner

New Colors (Single Color) - longer by 2cm compared to Fun colors.

Fun Colors

◦Measurement: Approximately 2.5″ x 6″
◦Full layers of 100% cotton flannel (without water barrier layer)
◦Reversible so you can flip over for a fresher surface
◦Price: RM9

Floral Prints Regular Pads

◦Measurement: Approximately 3″ x 9″
◦Made of layers of 100% cotton flannel and IMPROVED with additional terry for extra absorbency
◦Bottom is a layer of breathable water barrier layer to prevent leakage
◦Floral Prints (red/blue) RM17

Night Pads (11″ Maxi)

◦Measurement: Approximately 3″~5″ x 11″
◦Made of layers of 100% cotton flannel and additional terry for extra absorbancy
◦Bottom is a layer of breathable water barrier layer to prevent leakage
◦Price: RM22

What is so special about Mama Patch Modern Cloth Pad?
1. Contour Stitched/Embroidered for better absorbancy and leakage to the side
2. Mama Patch Liners/ Soakers are also reversible (snaps usable on both side). Just turned onto the fresh surface when you need to refresh.
3. Soft label tag (for all Regulars and Night Pads). Pretty useful to hook your clean pad on the hanger so you do not have to worry about falling them from your hand while changing.

*Bulk purchase savings
◦Buy any 5 of more to enjoy a 5% discount of your total pad purchase. On top of it, if you are a FAN of Modern Carino in FACEBOOK, we will post the pads for you FOC. (by registered postage)

Information you might interested to know about reusable cloth pad

1. How to clean a cloth pad?
Washing a cloth pad is so easy as how you wash your worn undies.
1.First, rinse pad until water runs clear.
2.Fold, snap up and store in wetbag (if you are away from home)
3.Soak in a small pail and add a few drops of vinegar (as disinfectant) and baking soda (or even salt) if stain persist. Hand wash for longer lasting or toss into washing machine with your undies. Remember, DO NOT SCRUB your cloth pad.

2. How many hours can a cloth pad last?
One regular can last between 3-5 hours, on heavy days. However it depends on individual’s menses flow. Change them more frequent if you need to to prevent leakage.

3. Does it smells ?
Unlike disposable laden with harmful chemical and gel and release chemical fumes when wet, cloth pad is fully made of breathable cloth. You will be surprise to learn that your blood actually does not smell at all!

4. Do cloth pads leak?
Mama Patch cloth pad (Regular and Night) comes with a “breathable” water barrier layer at the bottom of the pad to prevent leakage. Although water resistant, this breathable water barrier will leak if you do not change for long hours especially during heavy days. Therefore it is advisable to change to fresh pad every 3~6 hours during your heaviest day, depending on individual’s flow.

5.Are cloth pads bulky?
On contrary, cloth pad is ultra slim as it only contains cloth. Unlike disposable with chemical and gel, cloth feels much more comfortable to skin as compare to sticky soiled disposable.

6. Aren’t our menses blood dirty?
Our blood is sterile and is not dirty inherently. Blood is easily washed out of cloth. However disposable plastic pads are actually unhealthier because they create a hotter environment (by trapping air and not allowing air flow) which promotes faster growth of bacteria which leads to itch, rashes and thrush.

First time using, we encourage you to try it at home. Do be reminded check how many hours one piece can last for your heaviest day to prevent leakage. Also rinse it upfront prior use as dark color may bleed.

You can place your order through our store at here.