Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oktoberfest : BUY 2 CDs and Get the 3rd CD for FREE

Oktoberfest is here and we always have some good bargains awaiting for you. This month we have this special offer whereby you will get a free diaper when you purchase minimum 2 diapers and above. No special condition needed to make the purchase of diapers. Just read below on process of purchase.

1) Go to our website - www.moderncarino.com. Login as our existing customer. If you are a new customer, you just need to get a simple registration done before you can start to make purchase.

2) Choose any three diapers you wish to purchase through our cubecart

3) Upon check out, do leave a COMMENT in the comment box on which diaper you wish to get it as FOC.

4) Then you will just need to pay the remaining balance of 2 diapers price. The third pcs is FOC for you.

Please check with us the stocks availability before making the payment to prevent any disappointment.

Shall you have any enquiry, do clarify with us.

Monday, September 6, 2010



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First of all, a sincere apology from me due to a long silence as I was overload with works and I was not able to have a cloth diaper promotion for last month. As not to disappoint everyone, I am back to have a great and big promotion on all cloth diapers for this Raya festive season.

Ok, what is so special for this month? Well, this is the first time ever Modern Carino is having such a huge offer to all. For the first piece of cloth diaper you purchase, you will entitle for 20% off, meanwhile for the second piece purchase, you will entitle for 10% off. **Pls note, the 20% will be applicable to the higher value amount of diaper. Meaning Diaper A is RM100 and Diaper B is RM80. The 20% off will applicable for Diaper A and 10% off will applicable for Diaper B.

That's not all, if you are a fan of Modern Carino in our Facebook, you will get this fabulous offer

Meaning, you will get a total 40% off for all diapers....(My sincere apology if i have created a misunderstanding here.) From the banner 20% + 20% is actually referring to 20% off for the first pcs of diaper, while the next or more pcs will get another 20% off. This is applied exactly same like the first promo, the difference is just that first promo get 10% off instead of 20% off. Hope this gives a better clarification. So sorry for any inconvenience caused.Make sure you do not forget to state your name as in FACEBOOK when you make your purchase order ya!

A few things to take note :
1) All prices will be calcuated manually when you make the purchase through our webstore. Meaning, once you have place order, i will email you to confirm the final price and stock availability, so do not make your payment until you receive my email confirmation.
2) On this sale promotion, flat rate of RM7 for POSLAJU will be applicable. Meaning, i will not using registered post.
3) All sales are final and not returnable or exhangeable unless found defect upon receiving due to our side (i will make sure it is check carefully before being send out.) Please bear in mind again, i m not responsible or liable for any lost or damages packages that may occur during shipping and delivery.

Sale starts from 6th September 2010 to 17th September 2010
**while stocks last.

Faster hop over to our store http://www.moderncarino.com/

**Stocks are limited...Hurry ya!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Buds @ Mom & Baby Expo 2010

Check out for some good deals offer by Buds at Mom & Baby Expo.
Date : 7th - 9th May 2010
Time : 10.30am - 9.00pm
Venue : Mid Valley Exhibition Centre Booth No.94 (HALL 2)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Moo Moo Kow TM OS Pocket Diaper

Moo Moo Kow TM Diaper - A diaper that grows with your baby

The Moo Moo Kow TM One Size Cloth Diaper have been a favourite for most mommies. There are now officially selling in our store. Another affordable and good quality diaper for mommies to try out on their bubbas..

Why & what makes these diapers so great!?
1) ONE SIZE from Birth to Potty Training, tested to fits baby from about 3kg to 18kg.
2) Four size adjustments to fit your baby best – Small, Medium Short, Medium & Large.
3) The soft elastic gathers are incredible at containing leaks while being so gentle on baby’s tender skin.
4) The soft inner suede cloth keeps that keeps the baby’s skin dry.
5) The durable waterproof breathable fabric is soft and stretchy.

How does Moo Moo Kow Diaper works?

Check it out at our store.







- Zip area measurement approximately 8″x6″ (store up to 4 pads)
- Outer layer is quality cotton and inner water barrier layer (we use alternative to PUL to keep our price affordable)
- Can be used to store cosmetic, wet nursing pads, and even wet wipes
- Additional pocket for clean storage at the front with snaps
- High quality designer fabric on the outside lined with colorful waterproof fabric to keep the wet and icky inside
- The two layers are sewn seperately to prevent wicking
- Perfect gift for any cloth pad mama with gift wrapping available upon request
- All MAMA PATCH items are made in a smoke-free and pet-free home
- Most importantly, they are machine washable!
- Price: Rm 25

Modern Cloth Pad by Mama Patch

We are proud to announce that we are bringing in the modern cloth pad by Mama Patch to our store. This is another good opportunity for mothers to preserve a greener environment and the best is healthier for you as well. Besides, i think for long term usage it will save up more of your money by spending on disposable pads as we know modern cloth pad is REUSABLE!! For those mothers who feel itchy and having uncomfortable feeling wearing a disposable pad during the menstrual cycle, MODERN CLOTH PAD is a right solution for these problems. Not that, if you need to wear a panty liner to keep you dry and fresh especially during working hours or long outing, CLOTH LINER is another best solution for you. You no longer need to spend so much money on buying disposable one every time you are out of it. For me, i just need to have 5 pcs of cloth liners in order for me to have one to wear everyday to work and i actually save up so much compared to buying disposable one last time. Why not you give a try?

Mama Patch Reversible Cloth Liner

New Colors (Single Color) - longer by 2cm compared to Fun colors.

Fun Colors

◦Measurement: Approximately 2.5″ x 6″
◦Full layers of 100% cotton flannel (without water barrier layer)
◦Reversible so you can flip over for a fresher surface
◦Price: RM9

Floral Prints Regular Pads

◦Measurement: Approximately 3″ x 9″
◦Made of layers of 100% cotton flannel and IMPROVED with additional terry for extra absorbency
◦Bottom is a layer of breathable water barrier layer to prevent leakage
◦Floral Prints (red/blue) RM17

Night Pads (11″ Maxi)

◦Measurement: Approximately 3″~5″ x 11″
◦Made of layers of 100% cotton flannel and additional terry for extra absorbancy
◦Bottom is a layer of breathable water barrier layer to prevent leakage
◦Price: RM22

What is so special about Mama Patch Modern Cloth Pad?
1. Contour Stitched/Embroidered for better absorbancy and leakage to the side
2. Mama Patch Liners/ Soakers are also reversible (snaps usable on both side). Just turned onto the fresh surface when you need to refresh.
3. Soft label tag (for all Regulars and Night Pads). Pretty useful to hook your clean pad on the hanger so you do not have to worry about falling them from your hand while changing.

*Bulk purchase savings
◦Buy any 5 of more to enjoy a 5% discount of your total pad purchase. On top of it, if you are a FAN of Modern Carino in FACEBOOK, we will post the pads for you FOC. (by registered postage)

Information you might interested to know about reusable cloth pad

1. How to clean a cloth pad?
Washing a cloth pad is so easy as how you wash your worn undies.
1.First, rinse pad until water runs clear.
2.Fold, snap up and store in wetbag (if you are away from home)
3.Soak in a small pail and add a few drops of vinegar (as disinfectant) and baking soda (or even salt) if stain persist. Hand wash for longer lasting or toss into washing machine with your undies. Remember, DO NOT SCRUB your cloth pad.

2. How many hours can a cloth pad last?
One regular can last between 3-5 hours, on heavy days. However it depends on individual’s menses flow. Change them more frequent if you need to to prevent leakage.

3. Does it smells ?
Unlike disposable laden with harmful chemical and gel and release chemical fumes when wet, cloth pad is fully made of breathable cloth. You will be surprise to learn that your blood actually does not smell at all!

4. Do cloth pads leak?
Mama Patch cloth pad (Regular and Night) comes with a “breathable” water barrier layer at the bottom of the pad to prevent leakage. Although water resistant, this breathable water barrier will leak if you do not change for long hours especially during heavy days. Therefore it is advisable to change to fresh pad every 3~6 hours during your heaviest day, depending on individual’s flow.

5.Are cloth pads bulky?
On contrary, cloth pad is ultra slim as it only contains cloth. Unlike disposable with chemical and gel, cloth feels much more comfortable to skin as compare to sticky soiled disposable.

6. Aren’t our menses blood dirty?
Our blood is sterile and is not dirty inherently. Blood is easily washed out of cloth. However disposable plastic pads are actually unhealthier because they create a hotter environment (by trapping air and not allowing air flow) which promotes faster growth of bacteria which leads to itch, rashes and thrush.

First time using, we encourage you to try it at home. Do be reminded check how many hours one piece can last for your heaviest day to prevent leakage. Also rinse it upfront prior use as dark color may bleed.

You can place your order through our store at here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tupperware - Special of the Month

Back to School Set (Limited Release)
-Mini Sports Bottle (1) 415ml
-Divided Lunch Box (1) 650ml
-Spoon (1)
FREE!! Snack Cup (2) 110ml
*with every purchas of Back to School Set
Price: RM54.00
School Bag only at
RM17.90 nett
*with every purchase of Back to School Set
CrystalWave Set
- CrystalWave Dish (1) 1L
- CrystalWave Soup Mug (1) 460ml
- Lunch Bag
Price: RM57.00
Get the Small Round Container (2) 70ml for
ONLY RM3.90nett
*with every purchase of CrystalWave Set
Set 1 - Season Serve (1)
30.8cm (L) x 26.1cm (W) x 10.2cm (H)
Price: RM49.00
Set 2 - Large Stor N Pour (3) 650ml
9.0cm (D) x 19.3cm (H)-inc cap
Price : RM63.00
Set 3 - Salt N Spice Set (2) 500ml
11.0cm (H)
Price : RM29.60
Garlic-N-All Keeper (1) 3L
28.8cm (L) x 18.8cm (W) x 17.2cm (H)
Price: RM59.00

If you wish to place an order, do email us at 83aries[at]live.com
**Price valids till end of December

Tupperware - Xmas Season of Greetings

Dont have time to shop for Xmas pressie? Run out of idea what xmas gift to buy?No sweat** as this year Modern Carino will do the delivery for you. This will save up your fuel cost,parking fee and wrappers!!! Doesnt it sounds good to you? Anyway, we have chosen a few of Tupperware HOT selection as Xmas gifts this year and hope you will find something special here. All you need is to choose it, and we will wrap & arrange the delivery for you! Yes, we deliver it for you by using POSLAJU, so no worry of the parcel losts at somewhere.

- One Touch Bowl (2) 750ml
- Chocolate Almond Biscotti 132gms
- Hazelnut Biscotti 132 gms
- Gift Box
- FOC Gift Card by Modern Carino
Price : RM49.90
- Snow Buddies (2) 1.3L
- FOC Gift Card by Modern Carino
Price : RM54.80

- Rainbow Cubes (6) - 5.7cm(H) x 5.6cm(W) x 5.6cm(L)
- Gift Box
- FOC Gift Card by Modern Carino
Price : RM31.20

- A Tumbler with strap only
- FOC Gift Card by Modern Carino
Price : RM38.00

Do email us at 83aries[at]live.com should you wish to place an order.
(Price valids till end of December 2009)

Tupperware - Think Eco! GoEco!

Drink Safe & Save!
With the ECO Bottle by Tupperware, you are assured that it is safe for you and your family to reuse and refill.
Made with only non-toxic food grade materials to stringent world safety standards, you can have the peace-of-mind that your drinking water is safe from chemicals and carcinogens.
Premium quality and durable, all you need is to reuse one ECO Bottle, and you would have done your bit to reduce your garbage contribution.
Also with a lifetime warranty, very few ECO bottles are disposed of indiscriminately. In fact, all Tupperware containers that are returned are recycled back into other
non-food containers.
Cool Blue & Mint Green Eco Bottle (2) 1L
26.7cm (H) x 9.5cm (D)

Just top up RM5.00 only to get the Eco Bottle Strap (1)
Please email us at 83aries[at]live.com if you wish to place an order.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tupperware is Here!!

We are retailing TUPPERWARE brands in our store as well so that everyone can get to enjoy these products at our one stop covenient online store brought by us. You have no more hassle of visiting to the Tupperware branches, in fact with a few simple click you can save so much on your petrol fuel and postage charges. Yes, you didn't read it wrong. For every TUPPERWARE products you purchase from us, you will be entitled for free registered postage unless you need POSLAJU, just top up the extra and we will do it for you.

Check out the items at Modern Carino Tupperware


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Safety 1st Step Stool Potty

Item is new and unused, but due to long storage require cleaning before use.
Comes with the manual and orginal box.

Product Description
Safety 1st Potty 'N Step Stool addresses the many stages of potty training. As the child grows, the potty chair adjusts to fit any standard sized toilet. The base converts into a handy step stool to help children reach the toilet or sink. The potty chair from Safety 1st converts into a 2 level step stool. It helps to extend the use of the product beyond typical training age. The potty provides comfort for the child. The seat is contoured which is great for a child sitting on the potty chair. The package of the Potty 'N Step Stool provides parents with helpful potty training hints. Retail price is RM110

Pram Toy

Item is well-kept and maintained.
Gently used for less than 2 months.
Condition rated : 8.5/10

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Letting go my second set of preloved jumperoo. Moving out soon, so i need to clear some big items. This jumperoo is in A++ used condition. Well taken care by me, in fact is my personal item. Comes with the box as well. All music and light are well functioning.
I m letting it go for RM480 with GDEX postage

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby Playgym

Item in excellent used condition
Price : RM45 with postage

Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix

Suitable from newborn onwards.
Can fix to Quinny Zapp.Condition rated as 8.5/10, aged less than a year.
Letting it go as baby has outgrown and to clear space since we are moving out.
Retail price is RM800++
Price slashed RM450
Now letting it go for RM380!! Hurry!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Special Giveaway

Yes!! Finally the moment everyone is awaiting for the month is here!!..Ta.daaa.. In conjunction with the launching of our new webstore Modern Carino, we will be giving away a MOTHER-EASE ONE SIZE CLOTH DIAPER to the lucky Carino.

Mother-ease Colored OS Diaper

This is our One Size™ Diaper, which fits from newborn to toilet training. This amazing terry diaper actually grows with your child! Soft rib-knit binding covers the elastic at waist and leg openings. The strategically placed snaps are meant to be manipulated to accommodate your baby's growing needs, and are reinforced to ensure that they never pull out of the diaper. Our lightly brushed terry provides your baby with a wonderful, comfortable and beautifully-fitting garment.
Print : Colored, One size fits from 8-35 lbs, Absorbency up to 13oz.
The color of the diaper i will be giving away is meant to be a suprise, so i m not telling what is the color =)

Some information about Mother-Ease..
Mother-ease has been manufacturing leak-free cloth diaper systems since 1991.
The Mother-ease Cloth Diaper factory uses 100% green power.
All the products are manufactured in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Mother-ease Mission Statement
Mother-ease is socially responsible, green powered Canadian manufacturer committed to exceeding customer expectations with original designs including natural and organic cloth diapers while leaving a minimal carbon footprint

Here’s how you can get the entries
1. Just leave a comment on Modern Cutie blog on what type of cloth diaper u prefer,eg. prefer fitted, or pocket or AIO, or AI2, or mixtures will entile you to 1 entry.

2. If you have a blog or website, post an entry about Modern Carino Giveaway linking to this Modern Carino website. Do copy our Modern Carino header image to include in your blog post as well.Finally, paste your blog post linkage to the blog comment will entitle you to get 5 entries.

Winner will be drawn by my little gal who is turning to 1 year old next month. The closing date for this giveaway is on 30th October 2009

**P/s : We are also giving away a E-voucher worth of RM5 to the first 20 subscribers who subscribe to our mailing list. Yes, no purchase needed! All you need to do is subscribe to our mailing list and you will be notify if you are the successful top 20 subscribers. This voucher will only entitle you to purchase any cloth diapers from our store. **Terms and conditions applied.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Evenflo Snugli Out n About Carrier

Suitable from 2 months onwards (3.2kg-9.5kg)
Extremely soft and comfortable baby carrier on the go.
AirFlow foam allows air to flow through.
ComfortSoft Mesh lining that keeps baby cool.
Parent support panel with mesh distributes weight.
Extra wide shoulder strap is contoured with extra padding for comfort.
Extra soft pillow inserts surround baby's legs
With pocket and pouch for storage.
Condition : 8.5/10 (excellent)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Carter's Body Suits (NEW)

Suitable from 6-12 mths
Price : RM10/pcs