Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tiny Love Stroller Bar Toy

Brand New Item (taken out for pic shooting purpose)
Selling at : RM35 inclusive of postage charges

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fisher Price Kick n Play Bouncer

Promotes Comfort & Security
Calming vibrations soothe baby

Stimulates the Senses
Music, lights & sounds reward baby’s kicks, providing visual & auditory stimulation
Enhances Learning through Discovery
Baby learns about cause & effect as her actions make things happen

Better for Mom...
Removable toy bar for easy access to baby
Convenient feeding place for baby
Machine-washable seat pad

*Music and lighting and vibration still functioning well.
Selling at : RM120 inclusive of postage.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Safety Fits Car Seat


Children Road Safety Tips

Road is the most common setting for injury in this country. Some children developed severe injury in car crash and quite a number died. Children under 5 years of age are most at risk as passengers, children between 5 and 9 years as pedestrians and as cyclist. Child car restraints, when correctly used, have been proved to be effective in preventing serious injuries to babies and children in a car crash.

In the car

* Always use car seat, starting with your baby's first ride from hospital.
* An infant is not safe in your arm. Even a minor accident may break your child from your hold. * You can even crush him in a collision.
*Never put your baby on your lap while driving
* Every child should use a child restraint suitable for his size and weight with SIRIM approval.

* Choose car seat with restraints. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's installation instruction precisely and check the vehicle's owner's manual for installation procedures.
* Infant car seat should be installed facing the rear. After one year, he can move into a properly secured, forward facing toddler seat.
* The back seat is the safest for all children to ride.

* Make sure that there are no loose objects on the parcel shelf, seat or floor of the car that could fly about in a car crash that can lead to injury

**Adopted from VIP website

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Combi Stroller


Pierre Cardin Car Seat

Selling at : RM220

Monday, December 22, 2008

Combi Lightweight Stroller

Selling at : RM130

Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix

Can fix to Quinny Buzz or Zapp
Retail Price at Rm699

Mas Baby Lightweight Stroller

Mas Baby Lightweight Stroller
Umbrella Trifold
Suitable from 6 mths onwards
Best use for travelling

Ramatti Car Seat

Brand : Ramatti (Origin from Poland)
Fully Recline position, suitable for newborn till 18kg
Selling at : RM210

Aprica Stroller

Selling at : RM260

Capella Reversible Stroller

Capella, No.1 Korea brand
Fully recline position, suitable from newborn
Stroller Pad is fully cotton material, very comfy for your baby.
Very Sturdy.
Reversible Handle which allow you to face your baby directly.

Little Tikes Push & Ride Racer

Selling at : RM58 inclusive postage charges (using GDEX)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Play is the Child's Right

Many parents today know very well that children’s play fosters their physical social, emotional, cognitive and language development. Yet, they do not give their full support. They tend to worry that children are not learning when they are playing. They regard play as mere fun and believe that children only learn the important things when they participate in formal lessons. Some parents’ compromise by allowing their children to play only what is deemed ‘educational’.
Children need to play in a spontaneous and unstructured way. They can take on various roles and try out different ways of doing things. There is no specific rule set in children’s play. If rules are part of the play, they are set by the children themselves. In other words, adults cannot tell children what to do in play and control the learning outcomes when they allow children to play freely.
Child professionals such as doctors, counselors, psychologists and teachers are becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of free play in the lives of our children today. Primary school-age children have hectic classroom schedules before and after school. Young toddlers’ daily lives are packed with stimulating educational lessons. Parents are rushing to enroll their infants to baby genius schools.
When asked what fun is, most children give a similar response: watching television and playing computer games are their favourites. Children are not creating anything using their own ideas in play. I have observed many preschoolers playing themes from the latest Disney movie or action-packed cartoon series. They become super-heroes or kung-fu stars.
When children are exposed to harmful gender, racial or cultural stereotyping from the media, they tend to imitate these role-models in their pretend play. Their minds are limited to the images which they have picked up. They need to be free of biases and prejudices, so that they can try out diverse roles in their pretend-play.

Children gain positive learning experiences from pretend-play with themes that are family-related or school related. When they pretend to be Superman or Kim Possible, their play is predictable and restricted. For some children, their pretend-play can become violent and aggressive.
Without play in children’s lives, there is no childhood left for them. Play is the child’s right. In play, children can explore and discover things in life beyond what adults can teach them. When they play, they begin to understand themselves and other people in their lives better. They develop a sense of belonging and are able to do problem-solving. I believe that play nourishes the mind, body and soul of the child.
Parents must start trusting their instincts to do what is right by their child. There is a time for formal learning and doing the academics in the child’s life. This will have to come when children are ready to so. They need time to develop their confidence and coping skills. If the opportunity to play during the early years is replaced by formal and structured learning, children may never be able to recover this ability to do what comes naturally to them.
Parents need to make time for free play with children. The younger the child, the more the attention needed for spontaneous play. Let your child play without constant interruptions and directions. If he wants to know something, he will ask for help. It should be his time to know what to do. Take a supporting role.

When choosing toys for your child, make sure they are safe and child-friendly. These days, parents fall into the trap of getting high-tech toys for children that only require them to push a button or respond to the toy. For children to use their imagination, they need to make and dismantle the toy. Provide children with more open-ended materials that encourage creativity.
Cut down on television-viewing time. Better still, do not let young children watch television for more than half an hour a day. According to American Pediatrics Association, children under two years old are not advised to spend long periods of time watching television. They need real life experiences and real people to teach them things.

Parents should always be their first teachers. We should give them positive role-models to imitate them in play. They can take the right ideas about the world from us. We must not let Barney or Sesame Street’s Big Bird replace us in such an important task.
Get involved in your child’s play. When you take a supporting role, you can also provide the language for your child to use. When he asks you to be his customer and make an order, you can say, “You want me to patronize your restaurant. I will be most happy to try out your yummy food. Tell me what is on the menu.”

You can also help them to expand their play by providing ample and suitable props. If they like to do buying and selling, you can collect all the recycled grocery boxes and tins to set up shop.

You can show that you value play when you take an interest in your child’s play. If you are not interrupting, you can ask a few questions to find out what she is doing. Children like the idea of parents seeking answers from them. This role-reversal can greatly boost their self-esteem and encourage their learning.
Create playful experiences for your children without spending too much money or preparations. Sometimes all it takes to make a successful play experience is for a parent and a child to exchange ideas and have a good laugh while interacting with each other.
**Article adopted from Ms Ruth Liew, Early Childhood Care And Education Consultant
A very informative articles to share around....

Buying for Ur Newborn

Buying for your baby can be a very exciting time. Here is a guide to what you may need for your newborn. Try not to go overboard when you shop as your baby will grow very quickly and you may find they do not get to wear some of the beautiful outfits you purchase. Clothes also seem to be given as gifts a lot. Generally they will spend most of their time in comfortable cotton “grow-suits”.

Clothes for Your Baby
6 body suits (these button up between baby’s legs and prevent it from riding up her back)
6 stretch suits (all-in one)
2 cardigans
1-2 hats
6 pairs of socks or bootees/mittens
5 newborn bibs
4 cotton wraps / thermal blanket

Baby wash
Baby Lotion
4 flannels or soft sponges
2 bath towels (preferable these would be reserved especially for your baby’s use)
1 pair of baby nail scissors or clippers

3 sheet sets (No pillow)
2 mattress protectors
2 underblankets
1 well fitted and clean cot mattress
Remember that SIDS guidelines recommend you do not use quilts, doonas, soft toys, pillows and cot bumpers.
1 pcs - baby sleeping bag to keep them warm and cozy if sleeping in air-cond room

Your Baby

Feeding Bottles / Pacifier
Milk Powder depending ur choice and suitability of your newborn
Lots of Diaper depending ur choice of brand.

Cloth Diaper
Diaper bin or disposal unit
Diaper sacks
Changing mat
Pure Cotton wool
Diaper lotion / cream

Yu Yue Oil (to be massaged on your baby tummy)
Gripe Water

*Just a mere list adopted from various website to share with all mums..Thanks!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Combi Lightweight Stroller

Selling at : RM250

Maxi Cosi Priori XP


Friday, December 12, 2008

Bruin Baby Piano

Selling at : RM40 inclusive postage

Bumbo Seat

Brand New Item comes with its original box
The Bumbo Seat is a snug and cozy environment for your baby.
This revolutionary infant chair is designed to fit a baby’s posture.
Babies can sit upright in a Bumbo Seat as soon as they have head control.
More importantly, it helps them develop the trunk control they need to sit up on their own.
t is recommended by pediatricians, orthopedists, and physical therapists so you know it is good for your baby.
In fact, it is so good for your baby that the State of Illinois has recognized the Bumbo as a medical device and the Mississippi State Department of Health is providing Bumbos for use by their therapists!
This award winning infant chair is manufactured with safety as the number one priority.
The Bumbo Seat is made from a low-density foam material, which makes it lightweight and portable.
It is soft and comfortable for the baby while parents appreciate that it is safe, hygienic, and environmentally friendly.
Suggested Age (8 weeks to 12 months)
Available Unit
Blue Color - 1 X - SOLD
Yellow Color - 1 X - SOLD
Lilac / Purple Color - 1 X - SOLD
Green Color - 1 X - RESERVED
Normal Retail Price at : RM199.90
Now Selling at : RM130 inclusive postage charges

Bumble Bee Thermal Blanket

New item
Keep ur little precious warm all the time.
White Color

MAM Feeding Bottle 9 oz x 2s

New item
- BPA Free
- Anti Colic
- Silk Teat and natural form feel like mum
- Wide mouth for easy filling
- Anti Colic Valve and base enable baby to suckle as the breast
- Available in 2 colors
Selling at : RM60 inclusive postage

First Teeth Baby Toothpaste

New and unused item
All natural tooth and gum cleanser.
No fluoride, safe to swallow.
With calcium & proctective milk enzymes
Suitable from 3 mths to older
Have 2 units available
Selling at : RM29 inclusive postage

Little Tikes North Coast Racing

Selling at : RM38 inclusive postage charges

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Safety 1st Safety Gate

Selling at : RM150 inclusive of postage

Widely Use Feeding Bottles